Windows 10. Clearly

On the 21st of this month of January 2015 marked a new stage in the era of desktop operating systems and mobile telephony Microsoft.

But a series of doubts, uncertainties, anxiety … so even lies ahead of new operating systems and terminals that Microsoft has introduced the “Next Chapter” of the new era as always appear or rather the New Chapter. Windows 10: The Next Chapter
Now for all users created us as always multitudes of questions, doubts, etc … But why create them? We know almost everything, leaks, comments pages, blogs … What it is clear that these early months of this year will be a “struggle” in the field of social networks to see who filters the information quickly as possible, despite the possible consequences of misinformation.

Windows 10 for terminals Desktop, Tablets and Laptops is evolving from a few months ago, almost is almost finished, but the surprise that caused me by Microsoft is the work of Insider Program has made hundreds of thousands of users, or rather more than a million users of all kinds, who have worked on improving the friendliest I’ve seen Operating System by Microsoft. The figures surprised more than 1.7 million users. And the figure rises more and more. This is called “full cooperation”.

The precursor is Gabriel Aul and his wonderful team that has been the bulwark of all this above.

Now then is the future of phones Windows 10 for mobile terminals, we will not see Windows Phone 8.1 to meet with Windows 10 for mobile. Joe Belfieore introduced us in one 1520 event Lumia Windows 10 with many new features, including the interface varies slightly, which closely resembles the Windows 10 desktop, in fact confirmed interactive of the two platforms. Why is it so? Now with Windows 8.1 occurs but does not end to have that connection to 100% between the two operating systems at the level that Windows 10 offers us, now finally if and still anymore in that sense, do not doubt it.

He should start writing a good time on each of the features of the new OS, but no … I’m with little desire, there are many great journalists, very good indeed on this issue, they do great, (Paul Thurrott, Mary Jo Foley, etc …) that if, at that left hand is Tom Warren, hardly deserves to be given and not want to spend the tips of my fingers for this character.

No more enjoy these months are few and pass fast.


P.D Sorry again for my translation errors.



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