We regret their situation with regard to its terminal… words, words…

Since I stopped working my Lumia 520, 520 without my dear … it’s been almost two weeks have been a nightmare of talks, mistakes, forgive. Since the split with the terminal operator, since the bracket leads Warranty Nokia / Microsoft, and the problems begin. I call Nokia Madrid, tells you a kind person that the operator must collect the terminal and bring it to a Nokia Care center, the operator says no, it is the user who has to bear the terminal Nokia Care center as they have an agreement with Nokia in this regard. We started well! I take the appropriate day and will leave the technician of the approved center, checks at first sight and I said that I have to leave for review in more detail since it is in warranty and if in the event that they could not repair the center would warn me that Madrid would have to send it for repair or replacement. The terminal is impeccable, no hits, no scratches or misuse … we will NOT be violated by my side conditions Assurance Microsoft.
So I’m looking out the support page as the process of repairing my terminal is logically from reaching the center of Nokia take a few days.
After a few days it appears that the terminal is in the repair center Nokia Madrid, and leaves in a state of repair, in addition to being activated Warranty. I like soil wary of repairs, “I play doors,” I call first Nokia Madrid, the nice lady tells me that there will not leave my terminal, Oh! Sorpresa !, has been lost? This in Sierra Nevada ?, Miss Customer will have a number of incidence.

Contact Lumia then with support via Facebook, let’s try … and I find good people but they all tell me the same thing except they Terminal (Thank God) appears, but is under repair and do not know more.
Another day … I called Nokia Madrid Trouble operator that tells me that the terminal can not be repaired because it does not enter the Guarantee … YOU !!! Excuse me ?, I stay amazed, angry, angry through all stages that may have a human when he is angry or upset, but raised to two hundred.

After angry and tell them is uncertain, it is us so that the terminal is in perfect condition it enters Warranty, they invite me to call me in two days.

Then Nokia Care center where I left off and those responsible for sending the terminal, call me and also amazed that they came to them the same story as email, but they also have not sent any repair estimate, indicating that this Guaranty. Amazed the two, I move more threads and am now a big apology saying by phone operator Nokia Madrid Incident, the terminal is in warranty and technicians are proceeding to repair it, not for long, but hopefully soon.

This is called mismanagement and lack of customer trust towards the brand. A disaster.
Forgive by the extent of writing but I’ve fallen short, would be only comment but I leave here.

Only one reflection Nokia / Microsoft. “The best way to retain customers is to think all the time about how to give them more for less.”



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