Facts and Realities.

The facts, there are the facts … all safety inside this world that surrounds us is sometimes insufficient. The curious thing of all this is that not only the operating systems, the cloud, etc … it is sufficient to protect our teams, servants and other terminals of any type, the curious thing is that the human being is capable of falling down in the same hole, not only once, if not thirty, forty times and nevertheless we are capable of getting up to go forward and to treat our wounds.
Basically this happens in all the places of the world, in all the hearths, companies … but we always have to hand a gauze, a blindfold to recover.
There is curious the relation so nearby that they have the technology with the human soul, although he has always been considered to be incompatible with her.
The soul if it is a part of the human being, something that we do not see but we know that we have and must protect. Like that is what happens with the telematic, computer safety and of any type in its own relation. “the protection of the soul of the network”
He can sound absurdly and even irrelevantly. Perhaps the trips to the Moon it were? Perhaps the transplant of heart it was? Skylight that not and the curious thing that all of them are related between themselves, briefly Humanity – technology.
That’s why it is necessary to safeguard with the means that every day we have so that nobody, it invades us, breaks us, modifies us, we are infected by our Operating system, the “Soul” of this century.



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