If each day a handful of sand, you will form a mountain.

A few days ago since it started on October 26 Microsoft s Premier Event for IT Professionals & Enterprise Developers have seen from a distance, since I could not go but that somehow was close to me in Barcelona, the satisfaction of meeting between people of various countries and the friendship that provide these events.
Today I won’t have to talk about what occurred there at the technical level, and whether as event, if not the encounter between cultures, people and friends.
On what is already provided are reviewed with great quality by other means and that I will not repeat here.
What I have experienced from social networks, to that “distance”, is a great human quality among many of the people who were in Barcelona, enjoying good weather, of the party, have fun out of the event, of the bars, terraces, pubs, restaurants… Not only it is to listen to hours and hours the speakers that make it great sympathy and as enjoyable as possible. If not also meet many men and women of all ages, who agree on many things, not only in the technical section, if not in the human.
Perhaps Barcelona, the Mediterranean itself attracts peace and relaxation. These people many of them known to us and others do not, realize that if every day take a handful of sand, you will form a mountain, and that this phrase is a slogan which, from my point of view, offers inspiration, motivation and friendship.
Thank you TechEd Europe 2014 by not only offering this event for IT Professionals and Enterprise Developers, but also offer unintentionally friendship between people.

P,D. Apologize for the errors of my English a little bad. Thanks.



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